A*Mainefield's U Got the Look, MCO ns
A*Mainefield's Howling Wolf DL*Summerplace Avalon Q’s Blue Bear of Magic Love Eyck from Glowing Eyes
Ch. Mountaineer’s Pink’n Ink
Summerplace Tessa Shanty’s Hijacker
El Dorado Nelli Yattu
Galadriela Silvi Cola PL* Fin*Escape's Never Ending Koontucky King Arthur of Escape's
Fin*Escape's Izabella Coonzales
Chickabee SilviCola*PL  Never Mind's Radio Ga-Ga
Fin*Escape's Hermione
A*Mainefield's Germaine Langstteich's El Corazon DL*Langstteich’s Talisman Langstteich’s O’Rodney
Timaracoon’s Pretty Woman
DL*Langstteich’s P’Elektra Langstteich’s CC O’Predicat
Emy Shou vom Moenchswalder Berg
Mainefield's Amelie Poulain A*Mainefield’s Camelot Top Coon Caruso *PL
Galadriela Silvi Cola*PL
A*Island in the Sun the Purrfect Coon Gangsta Guy the Purrfect Coon
Castle Rock’s Veronica Fever


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