This is my very first litter, and these small ones makes me proud.
Take a look at the pictures, and decide for yourselves.
These pictures was taken at the age of 11 weeks.

Mor: GIC (N) Honey Hill's Chanel
Far: EC S*L÷ddeskogen's Black Gold
F°dselsdag: 25. februar 2003

The first one out is:
(N) Merridancers Thunder. Boy MCO d
He lives with Terje and Frida. (N) Innocent Rose's

Thunder is the lazy boy. He just watches the other two,
and waits for the easy solutions to come up.
He loves to be cuddled, and he can spend hours on your lap..

The next one out is:
(N) Merridancers Aurora Borealis. Girl MCO f
She lives with me.

Aurora is Miss Unbehave. Everything illegal, she is there first.
She brakes out from everywhere, and she is the highest climber.
I have great plans for Aurora, so i will keep her in the cattery...

At last, but not the least:
(N) Merridancers Stormy Boy MCO d
He lives with Monica and Jostein Eck. (N) Castle Hill.

Stormy is the actor who loves his audience.
He can't get enough attention, and he loves to be in front of a camera.
He is also the first one to be in place when food is served.